Finch Street, Malvern Victoria

Victorian Period Charm.

To create the sense of internal wall flow from the original to extension of the home, walls were in need of plaining. The original walls were not straight, nailed with lava battens, finished with rendered plaster which in turn, becomes a delicate and lengthy process in preparing these particular walls for plaster sheeting. Baltic pine softwood tongue and groove flooring is matched into the existing, directly glued and fixed to the hardwood floor joist with the correct nail, minimising moment between floorboard joints.

The semi solid heavy style door and handle is original to this home renovation and all door jambs have been screw fixed into the timber frame for prolong support. Window bottom seals are finished with a returned bullnose and underside quad. The art to installing large 230mm skirting and architrave board with tight mitre joins is achievable by creating an image of a cubed box at corner points, applying glue and securing with finish nails.