To build it right or long lasting, all homes need the right Project Manager to take responsibility and confirm details between trades and yourself as the Builder.   Written on the front of all architectural and engineering planing in basic language is the Builder takes the final responsibility for the build and all on site adjustments.

Project management is critical in the building industry. Choosing the right project manager is as important as a Captain of a ship. The right project manager listens, explains and delegates tasks needed for completion between the Builder, Surveyor, Architect, Engineer and the next in line to begin trade.

Building is not as basic as written on the plan as our world is not perfect. A Project Manager needs to lead the build.  You can have all the best players (tradesman), but if you have a bad Captain (Builder or Project Manger), the team will fall overboard (the cost of the build can easily double through variation or material). Between architectural planning, engineering planning and tradesmen quality or quantity, there will always be discrepancies. Questions and answers are needed almost immediately before each trade begin or stop work progress causing delay or further cost.

The reason tradesman pricing varies is not because they feel they can charge more, but more the value they bring finishing off the product they are installing.  A few examples;

  • Brick layer – with clean/neat/level brick perks.
  • Carpenter – using correct paint priming, nail/screw/glue fixing.
  • Understanding the structural planning before commencing construction. I personally at planning stage have seen steel columns drawn incorrectly.
  • Entering through door ways, missing lintels and bracing.
  • Plasterer installing plaster back blocks to avoid cracks in the ceiling in future years.

We dream and see the project through to the best of its capabilities, knowing we are achieving the most for your home. Sorting problems late at night or early in the morning, we will rectify them. They need to be discussed, drawn on planning, shown to the builder, appropriate trade, engineer, architect and agreed upon all.

As a Project Manager, we are capable of organising, delegating and confirming with the Builder the finishing required for your project between each tradesman. A few examples;

  • the height of a timber wall with an external steel beam meeting a lower brickwork height, depth or size.
  • overseeing the plumbing / electrical placed in correct position, minimising possible lost space in a room due to a wall void.
  • height between different floor levels

For Carpenters of Melbourne to be awarded Project Management, you must be the Home Owner Builder whom will be confirming and making payment to suppliers and trades. We will organise all trade services and act as your Project Manager whom you will discuss all your issues, changes and concerns with and which I will give my advice and meet with appropriate tradesmen any time of the day/night/weekend and clarify any decisions. We are capable of making certain every trade at there completion has completed to a satisfactory level.

If you are interested in getting started, a contract can be sent to you detailing Carpenters of Melbourne as your Project Manger, yourself as the Builder and salary.  My position would be to supply three trade estimations and explain whom I believe is the better trade of choice provider.

The idea is to remove the stress of organising estimations, being on site and meeting contractors after hours.  What you will see is the results and satisfaction of your home construction.